If you are looking to quit your day job will have recently been made unemployed through no fault of your own then opening up a tea or coffee shop may be the ideal solution for you. If you are starting a coffee shop business in your local town then you are almost guaranteed customers on a daily basis because this type of business fulfills one of the basic human requirements which is eating and drinking.

Coffee Shop BusinessYou only have to walk into any town centre and realise how many copy shop franchises there are including Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee and independently run businesses that not only sell hot and cold drinks but also for menu food service in order to compete with local pubs and fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King. In the UK to coffee shops are big business and it is estimated that over 10 million people pay a visit to their local coffee shop every week so you could be cashing in on a very lucrative small business market that could quickly expand into a mini empire where you are able to open a chain of tea or coffee shops across your local area.

Let’s face it shopping is tiring work and everybody needs a rest from time to time. You can satisfy the needs of busy shoppers with a well run coffee shop that like any small business there are certain risks you need to take into consideration and must plan accordingly. Many people think that the big Coffee shop ¬†chains are dominating this business sector but there is always space for a quality independently run coffee shop that provides top quality hot and cold drinks, freshly made food and the personal service that will have your regular customers coming back nearly every day.

Can I Open a Coffee Shop?
Running your own coffee shop is extremely hard work and you will have to invest in a significant amount of starting capital to get you going. You will be required to work long hours and don’t forget that coffee shops are typically busiest at the weekend so think about hiring some part-time staff to cover you for your business partner because you will certainly suffer from burnout if you do not take a break from your business and let somebody else take the strain even if it is just for a few short hours. Profit margins are typically very tight on food and drink products so finding good suppliers who can offer you the cheapest wholesale prices on everyday tangible items such as milk, tea, coffee, sugar, bread and sandwich fillers is extremely important – this is why many people consider the coffee shop franchise as a serious alternative because they can supply your coffee shop without you having to worry about quality of stock quantity.

If you have never run a coffee shop or worked¬† as a waiter or kitchen staff then maybe you should consider another type of business that you have a competent level of knowledge in. There are always people who are willing to help and advise you that the simple fact is in today’s tough working environment your own experience will count for everything, therefore a good tip is to gain some working experience in a busy coffee shop even if it is only for a few days to see if this business model suits you. If you have a family then be prepared to organise your normal routine around your new business venture, maybe your family and friends can help you with everyday tasks like picking the kids up from school and grocery shopping while you juggle your new business around your family life.

Coffee Shop Planning

Before you see your local bank manager make sure you have a serious business plan set in stone, This includes research in your local town to see if a new coffee shop would be viable. Although you can succeed and compete against other fast food businesses finding the right location is key so spend a good amount of time looking for ideal premises for your new coffee shop business.

Food Hygiene Rules
In the UK it is the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that govern all matters related to food and hygiene. The FSA have several publications that you can reference in order to make sure your business meets all the necessary standards required you to sell food and drink.

You will probably be surprised to know that you will not need any official training from the FSA or any other food authority in order for you to open a coffee shop but you are legally responsible to adhere to UK food safety and hygiene rules which includes the cleanliness of your premises, the required temperatures for storing food, management of your food start and the requirements such as keeping a diary of food start and anti-contamination procedures that if not followed can leave to an inspection from the FSA which in turn could result in the closing down of your business.

Food safety management is critical and you can find out by visiting the official UK government website on hygiene. As long as you adhere to the rules and take advice from people in the know that there is no need to worry about and FSA visit to your new business.

Coffee Shop Profit Expectations
Starting a coffee shop is not going to be the golden bullet and make you an instant millionaire but through hard work and great customer service you will have every chance of succeeding in making a very good income for yourself and your family. This type of business is scalable because once you have successfully operated a shop for a period of time you will have better experience and knowledge in what works and what does not work so your second outlet will be much easier to set up.