Since starting in 1995 eBay has grown to be the biggest online auction website in the world and currently boasts nearly 100 million users who use the site on a daily basis to buy low priced items that cost more in the high street – this is why it is the perfect time to start an eBay business.

eBay UK is also a great place for new business ventures to get going – you are guaranteed instant traffic to your auctions or standard listings and whether you want to sell part time or setup a full time professional web shop eBay has several different selling platforms suited to everyone.

How to Make Money Selling on eBayAlthough UK shoppers look to eBay to grab a bargain it should also be noted that eBay has a growing area of cottage industry sellers that thrive on selling unique items that are not available to buy on the high street. Many people have chosen to support these small sellers online because they feel they get better value for money and appreciate the personal touch that the big stores simply cannot offer.

How to Make Money on eBay
Setting up as a seller on eBay is a little tricky and because of recent fraud cases they have tightened the rules up on creating a sellers account but as long as you stick to the rules and sell genuine items you should have no problem in setting your eBay shop. The best way to make money on eBay is source cheap items and then resell – this can be difficult as you have to add on the extra fees that eBay will charge to your account including listing fees and  final sale fees. A good tip is look to sell in a market that interests you or have better than average knowledge.

If you’re looking to sell new products then search online for discount wholesalers or liquidators that sell off left over stock cheaply. Once you can get hold of some cheap items to resell use the profits you make to re-invest into your eBay business, remembering to keep money in your account to pay the monthly sellers fess that eBay will charge you.

In order to sell antiques, vintage clothing or second hand goods then visit your local charity shops, car boot sales and garage sales for cheap items to resell. Some people even buy items from pound shops to make money on eBay  – the simple truth is that if you do your research there is a demand for almost every market, it is your job to find that market and cash in before the competition.

How to Get Started Selling on eBay

Simply sign up on  for normal account where you can buy and sell.  Once you have confirmed your account then click the “sell” tab at the top of your web browser.  If you intend on starting an eBay business then you need to register as a business – make sure your details are all the same and  you have to sign up to PayPal (online payment processor) in order to sell as a business. PayPal is notorious for limiting accounts and there are numerous cases where online sellers have struggled to keep hold of their PayPal account. There is no way around this apart from selling on an alternative website such as Amazon Marketplace. All you can do is follow the instructions that eBay/PayPal give you and contact customer support for when you need assistance.

Setup a eBay Shop
Visit the eBay stores tab to setup your online web shop. This feature is aimed at pro sellers who want to sell multiple items all at once. There is a monthly fee for eBay shop holders but it is not expensive and you will then have access to a whole host of online selling tools to help you make further sales online. You can also help promote your products by paying for enhanced listings but this is not necessary and as a new seller you should try to keep your costs to a minimum. You can either lists your items on your shop at  a set price (buy it now) or setup an online auction. Every time you list an item it will cost you at least 10p (sometimes eBay has special promotional days where eBay listing fees are free).

What Can’t You Sell on eBay
Visit this link to see what you cannot sell on eBay the list is quite big so have a good to see what you are allowed to sell. Basically anything illegal and offensive is a no go area but other markets such as food and drink have strict rules you must obey. Tickets is another area where they strictly police listings so if in doubt contact eBay customer support.

Can You Earn a Full Time Income on eBay?
There are sellers that make good money on eBay but it is extremely hard work where your seller reputation must be protected at all costs. Any negative feedback can seriously damage sales and finish your business in a heartbeat. Most eBay sellers have to give refunds at some point even though they provide a top notch service to customers.

Many online shops started on eBay and this is why it is good to start an eBay business, then moved to their own website in order to sell on the internet without having to pay all the fees and worrying about bad feedback. This is a good way to start a new business and build your brand before you setup on your own.