Love keeping fit and a healthy lifestyle? Then why not consider becoming a personal trainer, although this new business idea is certainly not for everyone there is no doubt that this is one of the fastest growing sectors where you can start with virtually nothing and make a good living and help other people to lose weight, keep fit and stay active.

Setting up as a personal trainer in the UK is fairly straightforward but like all new businesses you will need to put in plenty of effort and that’s not in the gym but on other areas that are fundamental in order to make this business idea a success such as being a good communicator and staying organised.

how to become a personal trainerExperienced personal trainers will tell you that being the fittest person in the world is probably the last thing you need to be successful. More importantly you will need to be friendly and be able to motivate people who, many of which will not have taken part in a any sort of exercise for a long time or will not be looking forward in starting a keep fit plan or working with a stranger.

Thankfully, there are qualifications and training courses you can enrol on to become qualified as a personal trainer – the recognised qualifications include the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Level 4 Total Immersion Diploma. How much do these cost? Well you are looking at an initial investment of around £1500 for the level three and £2200 for the level four depending on whether you wish to attend classes or enrol on a distance study course.

There is a Level 2 Course, but this for gym instructors and would not be recommended if you wanted to start up a personal training business. As well as distance learning you can also choose a Saturday or weekend course and a short, intensive course in order to qualified in the shortest time possible.

What other skills do you need? A good knowledge of the human body including some basic physio knowledge will certainly help as well as being personable, patient and having the ability to understand that everyone has different needs and goals. For example, a sporty person wanting to improve their strength and conditioning would require a totally different fitness plan to somebody who was overweight and needed a slow and gentle plan in order for their goals to be achieved.

Before spending any money on courses search online for the most reputable companies. Forums are probably the best place to start where real people will give unbiased reviews of all courses. Once you are qualified it is then time to market your new business. Being a personal trainer, you are effectively marketing yourself – do you have business cards, a website or flyers organised?

By properly promoting yourself both online and in the local area where you live you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed and build up a growing client list. Start your journey today on how to become a personal trainer.