Amazon is the number one shopping website with millions of products and a brand name that has a reputation for trust, quality and good customer service. New businesses can now open their own online shop by selling their products on the Amazon shopping portal called Amazon Marketplace. Laern the best way way to sell on Amazon Marketplace:

If you have opened an online shop and are struggling to generate visitors toy your website then opening up an Amazon Marketplace account to sell your products can kick start your sales to generate much needed revenue in order for you to invest in your business further. Amazon will of course charge you to use their web space and brand name and the costs depend on whether you plan on selling just  a items per month or a full blown ecommerce shop with hundreds of products.

Sell on Amazon Marketplace

Why Amazon Marketplace is Good to Sell on

Many people prefer to sell on Amazon  than on auction sites such as eBay because of the lower fees and higher brand image. For pro sellers on Amazon Marketplace there is a whole host of sales tools that you can use to optimize your listings and although you will be charged monthly for running an  online shop many UK online retailers prefer to trade under the umbrella name of Amazon.

The biggest advantage Amazon Marketplace offers is that you will receive instant traffic to your shop and thus more likely to generate sales. This is perfect for people who are just finding their feet when it comes to online selling but a small business can instantly compete with the big boys by leveraging the power  and authority of the Amazon brand.

How to Start Selling on Amazon Marketplace
If you just want to sell a few items then the you choose the casual listing type but if you are serious about online selling then you really need to register as a professional seller. When you sign up you must provide important information such as your business name, full postal address and UK based credit card that matches your business name and address. A telephone number is also required in case the Amazon Marketplace customer support team need to get in touch with you.

If you are VAT registered then naturally you need to enter this information too but all of this takes just a few minutes to setup – then you need to decide what area or classification type is best suited to your business.

For professional sellers you can enter ISBN, barcodes or EAN number and the Amazon Marketplace will automatically detect the products for you. If your items are not stored on the Amazon database then you enter them manually through the easy to use web tool for product listings.

It is advisable to upload images for your products and these must be in optimized format of .jpg or .gif if need help on how to do this then contact Amazon Marketplace as they have excellent user guides to help newbie sellers. For all items sold then Amazon will take a cut of final selling price but this is much lower than eBay and less restrictive.

What Items Can You not Sell on Amazon Marketplace?
Amazon has a good brand name to protect so they do have some strict rules on what you can and cannot sell on their Amazon Marketplace platform.  You cannot sell mobile phones, magazine subs, alcohol or cigarettes, adult material, voucher cards or certificates, meds, ammunition and arms or photo processing services.

Postage Requirements
Once an order has been placed you have just 2 days to send the product out.  In order for Amazon Marketplace to credit you with the sale you will be required to prove that you have dispatched the item. This takes just  a few seconds and is not complicated.

Cost of Selling on Amazon Marketplace
It is not cheap to sell on Amazon Marketplace so make sure you aware of the costs and adjust your prices accordingly. Pro sellers pay about £30 per month subscription and on top of that are charged  a referral fee and if you sell in certain categories you are also charged a closing fee.

Selling on Amazon Marketplace is a great way for a new business to generate instant sales in the online world. You can run an eBay or Amazon business alongside your main website while you build your own online presence. Be mindful of the fees involved, adhere to the strict rules and you can operate a very successful ecommerce business via Amazon Marketplace.