Many people are now using the training and qualifications they obtained at college to start up their own business – there is thousands of mobile beautician small businesses in the UK and scope for much more. How to Start Up a Mobile Beautician Business:

Many women and men are cashing in on the beauty industry, did you know there is nearly 100,000 qualified beauticians in the UK alone and with people being more and more image conscious there no better time to setup a mobile beauticians business from home thus making this an excellent UK business idea.  A recent survey concluded that men and women actually prefer to be treated at home then go to a beauty salon where they feel much more relaxed and comfortable and this also gives the service provider several advantages too such as lower overhead costs from not having to own or rent salon space in an existing premises.

Start Up a Mobile Beautician Business So what do you need to get started in the mobile beautician business?
Firstly a passion for beauty and images is a must, you will be dealing with (sometimes) fussy customers and clients who expect Hollywood standard makeovers. As long as you have your training and deep love of your job then thankfully these types of clients can easily be satisfied with a personal touch and high quality treatments.

A clean UK driving licence is necessary to go along side a small car or van which is required to carry all your equipment and treatments. This is where your time management skills will also come into effect because you will need to decide the maximum distance you are willing to travel from your home to see customers. Too little and you might not have enough potential clients whilst spending half your day in the car will not only cost you petrol money but also cuts down on the number of clients you can see each day.

Qualifications Required to be a self employed beautician
You will have to be properly qualified in order to professionally treat  people in the UK. The minimum standard is NVQ level 3. Courses are readily available at your local college and they can also provide you with course advice best suited to your expertise and passion.  The international body of CIDESCO has offices up and down the UK that offer a whole host of courses from sports massage, nail care, manicure, pedicure, cosmetics and other beauty therapy topics. These qualifications are good because they open up different services you can provide for your customers.

Legal Requirements for Starting up a Mobile Beauticians Business
You will need to have the necessary public liability insurance if you intend to go into people’s houses in order treat them. Thankfully the BABTAC (UK beauty therapy and cosmetology assoc) provide competitive rates for members, you can also show their logo on your car, van and website to add creditability to your business.

A licence from your local council is also required, some counties charge for this whilst others are free so get in touch with your local authority for more information. If you start up your own self employed mobile beauty business then you will have to register with HMRC in order to pay taxes and  national insurance. There is info on the HMRC website or you can ask your local accountant to set this up for you.

The Cost of Starting Up
You will need to add up the cost of a vehicle, petrol, telephone bills and of course the wholesale cost for beauty products themselves. The initial cost depends on the level of services you will offer and many tend to provide just a handful of treatments when first starting up.

Can a Mobile Beauty Business  Make Good Profits?
There is plenty of money to be made in a mobile beautician business if you plan properly and insist on a minimum charge for each client. There is little point driving 5 miles to see a customer if they only want a £2 bottle of cream.

By word of mouth these types of businesses can expand very quickly with the next step being opening your own beautician shop, remember to stay focused, courteous and professional that way you will give yourself the best chance of making a good income (and by reading this blog post on how to start up a mobile beautician business) from running your own business.