Starting a window cleaning business is one of simplest and low cost ways of running your own business and you would be surprised on the different types of people who choose to clean peoples windows for a living. If you search online there are countless stories of ex city bankers, doctors and lawyers who have all traded in their high profile desk jobs in order to setup their own window cleaning round. Learn the best way on how to start a window cleaning business:

A window cleaning business appeals to many people because it is cheap to set up and you can generate sales almost immediately by simply knocking on peoples doors for business. Let’s take a look on what you need to get started. There is no need to look into window cleaning franchise.

Window Cleaner Business

What Do I Need To Start My Own Window Cleaning Business?
Starting with you first, cleaning windows is physically taxing so must be pretty fit to get started, don’t worry though as you will soon get fitter cleaning windows 5 days a week.  You will also need to be punctual and posses a sense of humour as getting up early in the Winter months of taxing UK weather will surely test your levels of endurance and mood.

Plan your business like any other and that means costing up for equipment, the necessary public liability insurance, cost to hire or purchase car/van, website and market branding which includes the design of a new logo and maybe some flyer printing costs.

Start small but plan big – if you just intend on buying a ladder and  a squeegee then you will be restricting yourself for short and medium term growth. What happens if you need to clean 2 houses at the same time? A second vehicle and maybe the hiring of part time staff can seriously boost growth for a new window cleaning business.

One thing people do remember about window cleaners is catchy names. Branding your image is really important so have a long think about coming up a really cool name for your business. There are several websites that you can post on including where you can ask for people to come up with a name for your business for the cost of about £3 – not all of us have a good imagination so don’t be afraid to ask for help when it comes to company branding.

The reputation of your business will also determine if your business will be a success. Treat your clients well and you have a good chance of keeping them for years, this initial steps go a long way in helping your window cleaning round be an instant success.

The BWCA has a really good web page on what you need to get started.

Equipment Needed for a Window Cleaning Business
Window cleaning basically falls into two areas of service – the home and business.  If you are starting out small then targeting houses in your area is the right choice so will you will need the standard window cleaning setup of squeegee, bucket, sponge and maybe a ladder. If you can afford it then buy yourself a window cleaning pole that feeds in water directly – this will save you time and money in the long run as they clean windows very quickly and to the highest standard. The reach and wash system is so successful that window cleaners can now realistically earn up to £750 per week.

For business or commercial window cleaning the costs are obviously much higher but then so are the potential profits you can offers services to clean internal office buildings, outside abseiling cleaning, crane cleaning which involves the use of a commercial cherry picker or crane.

You can concentrate on interior window cleaning for businesses if you want to keep costs down to a manageable level, there is plenty of opportunity for the intrepid window cleaner who is willing to work hard and make a real go of their new business.

Window Cleaning Health / Safety and Training
Because window cleaning use to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the UK there is strict health and safety requirements you must be adhere too. You will be required to take out training and learn the basics of health and safety in accordance to UK law.  Window cleaning might seem like a simple job but there is some skill cleaning windows to a high level of standard in the quickest possible time.

The BWCA has a very good training scheme for wannabe window cleaners including some invaluable health and safety advice. This really is important so you should take the time and opportunity to get yourself fully trained up and learn the skills required including the health and safety aspect of window cleaning.

How to Succeed at Window Cleaning
A good first tip for success is to join the FWC (Federation of Window Cleaners). They have great advice for almost any question you can think of including the complicated areas of insurance or health and safety.

Next pick a market to target and stick with it until you have built up good reputation and a decent client base, speaking of reputation if you hire staff then try to keep them because if people see the same window cleaners day in and day out then this gives your business a stamp of approval and projects your business trustworthy.

There is good money to be made at running your own business and by carefully planning all areas of your business there is every chance you can take this to the next level. By understanding this guide on how to start a window cleaning business you will be prepared for every eventuality.