One of the cheapest ways to form your own business is to start a cleaning business targeted for businesses or houses in your local area. Because of the low set-up cost a cleaning business is fast becoming one of the best ways to run your own business with thousands of people choosing to be self -employed and earning a good wage running their own little cleaning empire. How to start a cleaning business:

How to Start a Cleaning BusinessCleaning businesses in the UK can often grow very quickly and if you network in your local area then you can pick up clients fairly easily – this type of business really is a “worth of mouth” goldmine. Do a good job for people and they will soon recommend your services to others.

The UK CSSA (industry cleaning and support services) published a document which stated that nearly 1 million people work in the cleaning sector and it is worth over £10 billion pounds each year. Maybe it is time you started to take action and start up your own cleaning business. Remember, there are all types of cleaning that people would be willing to pay for including local govt cleaners, domestic cleaning, business contract cleaning and going further down the line window, car and carpet cleaning businesses are among the most popular start up business ideas for people wanting to quit there day job in order to be self sufficient and earn a better wage.

What You Need To Start a Cleaning Business?
Firstly you must be of the right personality to run a cleaning company. Typically, you must already be fussy with an extreme attention to detail, have this trait and your already 50% there in succeeding.  There will always be fussy customers who think they can do a better job than you – this goes with the territory so the next important attribute you must possess is patience and good customer communication skills.

Buying your own equipment can be a little daunting so a cleaning franchise might be good option for you with the base price being around £10,000. For this you can expect decent training, an working busy model with good brand exposure and of course all the equipment you need to get started. The dis-advantage with cleaning franchise businesses is that you are tied in with buying their products which can often be found cheaper elsewhere, cutting down your profits.

You will of course need a van and equipment which includes cleaning products, hoover, brushes, sponges and storage trolleys .

How Much Does it Cost to Start Your Own Cleaning Business?
The cheapest way to get going is clean people’s homes where they will have the equipment already in their house. So in practice all you need is a van or car and some polish, sponges and dusters.  This basic cleaning setup can cost just a few hundred pounds if you already own a car.

You might need to budget for marketing and advertising costs such as the printing and distribution of flyers in your local paper or maybe taking out a classified ad in your local newspaper. Word of mouth recommendations can also attract new customers so make sure you do a good job  and over deliver for your first set of customers.

If you want to start a UK based contracting cleaning business then your start-up costs will be much higher. You will be expected to buy commercial level vacuums, sweepers and a large van may be necessary so the start up costs may run over £5,000.

Insurance for your equipment and yourself as an employer will also be necessary. Accidents at work happen and the cleaning business is one of the more hazardous areas so make sure you are covered.

Cleaning Business UK Requirements
If you plan to employ your own staff then you must be aware of employment law including the minimum wage rates which can change from year to year. Cleaning is like many other public sector service jobs where it is low paid but you have pay the minimum rate and anyway if you have good workers ( which are traditionally very difficult to find) paying them above the NMW is advisable as staffing is probably the number one problem you will encounter when running your own cleaning business.

Liability insurance is also a requirement and because you or your staff will be using harmful cleaning products then you must comply with important acts which will keep you, your staff and customers safe during cleaning operations.

Can I Make Money Running a Cleaning Business?
If you are well organised and have read this article thoroughly on how to start a cleaning business,  have a good attention to detail and are willing to work hard then there is no reason why you cannot make good money for yourself as a professional cleaner. The hours are long and you must expect to deal with staffing issues but there is certainly good cash to be made for a long standing and professionally run cleaning business.