In order for any new small business to succeed a business bank account is required. The good news for new business start-ups is that the high street banks are desperate for your business.

The competition for new customers is so fierce that many banks now offer free business banking. This can either be for one, two or even three years and you can also switch business bank accounts and get the same free business banking deals that are on offer for new customers.

Barclays probably offer the best deal at the moment for small business start-ups. They offer free business banking for two years, free automated transactions, your very own small business account manager, free telephone support 24/7 and whole host free business goodies to help you succeed.

You can apply to open a free business bank account from Barclays online. Checking your account balance online is much better than the years ago when you had to actually had to pop into your local branch to check your account status.

The other major banks that provide free banking services for new businesses are Lloyds TSB, HSBC. NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

All of these offer different incentives for you to sign up with them – so it is best to check out each website and see what free services suit your type of business the best. It also helps if there is a local branch in your area so that you can meet up with your local business bank manager.

When you first choose a business bank account it might help you ask anyone you know who banks with a particular bank or just read up some banking reviews on internet forums to see if current customers are happy with the service they are getting from their bank.

Free banking for new small businesses is really beneficial to you so take advantage of some great web offers that are available for both new and existing business account holders.